Field Reports

Winter in Yellowstone 2018

George Theodore, February 28, 2018

There’s just is not a better time to visit Yellowstone National Park than in winter. Yes – it’s cold! But for the nature photographer, the park becomes truly a winter wonderland full of great landscapes and abundant wildlife.

We began our tour on a perfect winter day in the Old Faithful area. With a clear blue sky above and temperatures below normal, the steam from the thermals created frost that stuck to everything. Frost laden trees against a blue sky gave our group endless opportunities for both the grand landscape and the small details. We spent the morning in the Upper and Lower Geyser Basin areas hitting the Madison River after lunch.

The next couple of days were a little overcast with some sun peeking out from time to time – perfect for photographing waterfalls and wildlife. Our wildlife catch included elk, bison, wolf, coyote, eagle and river otter. Our trip out to Yellowstone Canyon and to Haydn Valley was filled with some great moments especially when, with perfect timing, light blanketed the valley while photographing the tree.

After our stay in Yellowstone, we returned to the tour’s original stating point in Jackson WY. Behind the Elk Refuge we captured photos of Big Horn Sheep which hung around closer than we’ve seen them in eleven years of conducting this tour – great head shots and horn details.

A fun time with a great group. Here's a sampling of their images: