Field Reports


George Theodore, October 23, 2016

Colorado Fall Colors Tour
Acadia National Park Workshop

Fall came really early to Southwestern Colorado – almost two weeks early. When we arrived the first week in October, we thought we had missed it all. But then we had an overnight snow that covered the area in a two-inch blanket. Sunrise at Dallas Divide was a lot different from what we’ve been used to seeing in early fall. As we roamed the area, we were still able to find lots of yellow and the snow was a bonus. Because Oak Creek Pass and Last Dollar Road were snow-covered, we spent one afternoon photographing in Silverton  - especially the trains running to and from Durango. Once the Passes were open, we found the area around Silver Jack Reservoir had plenty of fall color left. A clear – and not too chilly - night gave us an opportunity to photograph the Milky Way, or as it is often called these days, the Galactic Core.

We hit Acadia on the button as Mount Desert Island peaked mid-way through our workshop. It was interesting to see the colors change even through just a couple of days. From fiery red blueberry to stunning oranges and reds of maple, we had it all. Even with the drought that New England experienced this year, we found enough water in streams to make interesting images. We made that cold and windy journey for sunrise atop Cadillac Mountain and the colors all around were magnificent; cold and windy but definitely not disappointing. Our last evening found us capturing a full moonrise at 6:00 PM with the moon looking so much like a giant beach ball as it broke the horizon. Of course, we spent time photographing sunrise at Otter Rocks and an afternoon at the fishing village of Bernard.

Below are sample photographs from our participants in these events: